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i.e. Strategy is a strategic specialist in the pharmaceutical space founded expressly for taking matters of strategy to a deeper, more nuanced level.

Our whole reason for being: to help clients attain their goals in today’s frenetic business environment by challenging the prevailing wisdom, and when necessary, rethinking the calculus behind success. We dive deeper, we explore both the scientific and clinical aspects of your platform and/or commercialization strategy, and along the way, we look for the emotive drivers that often sabotage real success.

i.e. Strategy is at home across all spectra of job functions in the health care industry and, in fact, many of our people once held those same jobs. We understand you, and what you need to do, and we will not hesitate to identify the awkward or uncomfortable – yet potentially very successful – market entry or evolutionary strategies for consideration and/or implementation.

Contact founding partners Alden Masonis or Donna Schroeder.

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i.e. Strategy is a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Pharma LLC. Sister Companies:

Percolation Communications LLC: Founded on the premise of applying proven theories and processes
to medical marketing strategy development, creating unique programs with both a clear return on
investment and the needed creativity to unearth truly market-moving opportunities.

Powered 4 Significance LLC: Providing scientifically sound clinical development and scientific
commercialization services to our pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic company partners.
Our staff consist of experienced professionals with advanced scientfic and clincial degrees, who
understand what it takes to bring a new product to market.

i.e. Strategy is a strategic specialist in the pharmaceutical space founded expressly for taking matters of strategy to a deeper, more nuanced level.

Our whole reason for being: to help clients attain their goals in today’s frenetic business environment by challenging the prevailing wisdom, and when necessary, rethinking the calculus behind success. We dive deeper, we explore both the scientific and clinical aspects of your platform and/or commercialization strategy, and along the way, we look for the emotive drivers that often sabotage real success.

i.e. Strategy is at home across all spectra of job functions in the health care industry and, in fact, many of our people once held those same jobs. We understand you, and what you need to do, and we will not hesitate to identify the awkward or uncomfortable – yet potentially very successful – market entry or evolutionary strategies for consideration and/or implementation. And, thanks to our own network, we have an inside track on competitive intelligence.

Many of our engagements begin at early development, quite literally in the drawing room. From there, when appropriate, we stay on as an extended part of the clinical and commercialization teams, working through formal commercialization marketing strategies for launch and beyond. No wonder so many see us as more than just a strategic partner.

Feed the Doyens.

What’s a Doyen?
Or more to the point, who’s a Doyen?

At i.e. Strategy, The Doyens are our core team of experts, who combine their unique knowledge, deep experience and dynamic vision to crack your most intractable challenges. The Doyens are our secret weapon — and yours. So, what's a Doyen?

It’s what Albert Einstein, Edward R. Murrow, Oprah Winfrey and Miles Davis all have in common. Each was a doyen in his or her own field. A doyen — derived from the French term for “dean” — is the senior member of a body or group, someone considered to be knowledgeable as a result of long experience in some field of endeavor. Making Ed Murrow a doyen of modern-day journalism, Davis a doyen among jazz musicians, Oprah Winfrey a doyen among media moguls and Albert Einstein the ultimate doyen in physics.

Our Doyens may not be lions of journalism or jazz pioneers, but they do bring powerful experience along with a unique talent for challenging you to consider what, until now, you may not have. The nontraditional. The road less traveled. The “it was right there all along but we never saw it” thinking you need to seriously move the needle. And though our Doyens can put you where you need to be with knowledge, experience and vision relevant to your specific situation, their job isn't to make you comfortable – their job is to make you successful.

Discover the hidden emotive
drivers that hold you
(and your company) back.

Stop blaming your competitor. Or your boss.
Or your shareholders. Or your mother.

The old saying: "what you don't know can't hurt you?" Well it can. Because every cognitive decision you make is informed by 1) what you know and/or have learned from past experience on a conscious level, 2) what you know, believe or feel on a subconscious level, and 3) preconceptions held by you and/or your team that may not be shared by the world at large. Our focus on Emotive Drivers is meant to seek out and identify those guttural forces that impact the decision-making processes we all go through... without ever thinking about them. We believe strongly: understanding the Emotive Drivers that impact decision-making for you – and those involved in the markets you are involved in – is not only key to the i.e. Strategy consulting process, it's necessary for real success.

i.e. Strategy Services.

i.e. Strategy offers a diverse range of strategic consulting services. Some are traditional, some are unorthodox, and whether taken separately or in tandem, the objective remains: finding the ideal solution to your unique challenge – to move the market in your favor.

Access and reimbursement strategies

i.e. Strategy can provide you with comprehensive research and strategy development to address payor, government, and health technology assessment (HTA) agency requirements for payor coverage and reimbursement. Our process is designed to ensure patients most likely to benefit get rapid and maintained access to your brand, keeping pricing pressures in check. We focus on both internal and external stakeholders, knowing that payers have processes at national and local levels that must be considered when developing a strategy for you. We also look at your needs as they pertain to R&D and commercial launch processes. Think of it this way: we prepare the brand for the market, and the company and the market for the brand. We think about establishing value based on three core elements: identification of the value opportunity, creation of a value proposition, and communication of value by addressing unmet market needs; all critical considerations for optimizing reimbursement success. Of course, no strategy would be complete without taking HEOR and PRO into consideration. Our main goal is linking efforts of R&D, payers, and the commercial team to deliver commercial success.

Brand planning

With i.e. Strategy acting as an extension of your brand team, you will see your plan from a unique, unbiased perspective. We can integrate with your team on all functional levels (internal and external) to help ensure that all the pieces are working together. We like to say that we can hold a mirror up to your process and, with fresh but practiced eyes, add strategic value by seeing opportunities that your brand team may not.

i.e. Strategy has a proven process for identifying concepts that can both define growth opportunities and shape your brand, while mitigating competitor impact on your brand opportunity. Our team will work meticulously through the brand planning process, define market segments that influence brand strategy, and analyze external and internal forces and competitive dynamics impacting strategic execution – while taking into account the emotive drivers that influence the brand situation and market fluctuations. We will also take a deep dive into the brand vision, situation analysis, strategic and tactical plans, and forecasting to create a plan that aligns with the life cycle for both product and franchise in the context of current and future market dynamics.

Still, process alone doesn't get you there. So where we often make the biggest difference is in helping your people become “pragmatic visionaries” – creative thinkers capable of zigging when conventional wisdom would suggest zagging, while also addressing the pragmatic steps needed to make the vision of success a reality. And, most importantly, empowering your team to confidently take big leaps when opportunities arise.

Franchise analysis and portfolio integration

Creating synergies at the franchise level can be challenging, especially when products may be vying for segments of the same market. i.e. Strategy can help you understand how to optimize market performance across a portfolio and how best to plan for the growth of the franchise in the future. Whether you need a short-term plan to optimize franchise performance or a medium- to long-term plan to manage the portfolio’s life cycle, i.e. Strategy can work with you to achieve your franchise goals and objectives.

Hypothesis testing and scenario planning

i.e. Strategy has extensive experience answering the question “What if?” We can help you define the probability of a given outcome or market shift, whether clinical or commercial in nature, based on current and projected future situations. Our approach goes beyond assuming probability based on past market performance and incorporates market testing, probability, and impact analysis, as well as stratification of the results. This allows you to be confident in the decisions you are making now and in how they will impact future market shifts and trends.

Lexicon development and analysis

Knowing exactly how to convey a message or a concept is critical to ensuring that an audience will understand and take away exactly what you want them to. i.e. Strategy can help you develop an optimized lexicon, and analyze the effectiveness of any lexicon already in place. Our process includes a comprehensive analysis of the existing market lexicon for the therapeutic class and/or indication, and evaluation of opportunities to standardize lexical terms to support your product’s or portfolio’s USP. We then conduct lexicon testing with key customer segments, followed by refinement and provision of “must use,” “never use,” and “use in context” vocabularies to support all commercial activities. This ensures you say it right every time.

Market analysis and intelligence gathering

In order to compete in any market, you need to know the market not only on the surface, but what really makes it tick. i.e. Strategy’s approach to market analysis and intelligence gathering leaves no stone unturned and provides you with resources that can inform decision-making relevant to where the market is going and not just where it is today.

Our team uses a variety of methods to collect, analyze, and communicate actionable intelligence about your competitors’ objectives, strategies, assumptions, and capabilities without internal bias. This includes a comprehensive series of steps and processes that help to reveal what competitors currently seem to believe, what they could potentially accomplish, and where they are likely to go in the future. It allows your team to be proactively prepared for future competitive market dynamics and helps you institute adaptive scenarios in real time.

Depending on your needs, our team can take as broad or as targeted an approach to market analysis and competitive intelligence (CI) as is needed. We conduct analyses that incorporate cross-referencing and validation of public domain information (specifically looking for inconsistencies that can suggest issues of interest), live event coverage, and stakeholder interactions. The ultimate goal of these activities is to find information not available through public domain sources but that can only be gleaned by cross-analyzing information across through the full spectrum of channels. Additionally, our team has extensive experience in conducting wargaming activities that can effectively check your team’s competitive biases at the door and help identify potential competitive opportunities and threats for the next 12 to 18 months. i.e. Strategy’s CI services can help you and your team be prepared for whatever the market throws at you regardless of where you are in your product or franchise life cycle.

Product life cycle planning

i.e. Strategy understands the nuances of product life cycle planning. When done effectively, product life cycle planning dictates clinical development priorities and brings a product to maximum market value faster. i.e. Strategy provides a fresh approach to life cycle planning by utilizing our “bridge teams,” who have the appropriate balance of medical and marketing expertise to ensure that life cycle management strategies are both clinically achievable and commercially optimized. Our process focuses on maximizing product value throughout the life cycle and within the context of the brand’s competitive set.

Stakeholder analysis and customer segmentation

Understanding your target market and those who influence market behavior is critical to implementing effective strategies. Thus effective strategic planning requires that there be an alignment of value proposition and perceived need. We can work with you to define the questions that need to be asked and conduct analyses that define the segments of your target market to optimize headquarters and field activities, resulting in optimized market penetration.

Our process combines stakeholder analysis and influence mapping with a behavioral segmentation analysis to determine how the interaction of these three factors will impact therapeutic decision making. We are able to segment the important stakeholders in the target market, define their exact roles and levels of influence, and see how they are interrelated. We then analyze this information to determine what market segments can drive product utilization and what stakeholder behaviors are most influential.

Strategic consulting through Intellectual Elasticity®

Using our six-stage process for breaking through barriers to optimal success, i.e. Strategy can help you address your most significant and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Our process aggressively pushes the boundaries of conventional strategic thinking – and has worked countless times for i.e. Strategy clients worldwide. Intellectual Elasticity® is the very essence of what we do – and it’s what sets us apart from typical consulting firms.

Value proposition development

Establishing the value proposition for a product, program, portfolio, or entire organization is critical, because this proposition will occupy the sought-after white space in your customers’ minds. i.e. Strategy can help you understand value from your target market’s perspective, as well as exactly how your offering aligns with target-market-defined value. We help you identify the most effective value proposition and create marketing solutions to capitalize on that proposition.

We know that pharmaceutical marketing teams must effectively convey product value to an ever-growing range of stakeholders, including regulatory bodies and reimbursement authorities. We engage these stakeholders by using an integrated multi-channel approach and by placing value delivery at the center of the marketing equation. Key to the process is identifying opportunities for value creation early in the product development cycle. Our team analyzes the evolution of the value proposition across the product or portfolio’s lifespan to optimize communications.

Using our team’s unique approach, we can work with you to develop and cultivate the core value proposition and associated value messages that resonate with the various stakeholders, leading to increased market access and driving product uptake throughout the product’s life cycle.

Meet Basil and Gracie.

Our furry, founding muses.

Basil is the ultimate embodiment of loyalty, tenacity and a strong work ethic. His raison d’être is to rid the world of evil squirrels, chipmunks and ground hogs – and he takes that job very seriously. He has a singular focus and no one can distract him from it. Basil shows us that certain people are built for certain tasks and that, strategically, keeping things simple and knowing the assets you have (like very short legs that allow you to dive into holes) is the best path to success.

Gracie combines creativity with a never, ever say “can’t” attitude. She shows us that you don’t have to be a “big dog” to be successful if you have the right strategy, and boy is she great with identifying emotive drivers. Her motto: when in doubt, just smile and give someone your belly. But beneath all that sweetness is a mind that never stops working. Gracie will literally eat your lunch if you are not on your game (i.e., make sure you push in your chairs at the dinner table). To Gracie, the world is her oyster... and one way or another she is gonna figure out how to shuck it. Like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Kirk and Spock, or perhaps most appropriately, Lucy and Desi – together they are the perfect team.

i.e. Strategy Executive Profiles.

“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.”
Eddie Colla

Alden Edward Masonis, PhD

Alden Edward Masonis, PhD

Founding Partner

Though it might be hokey to compare i.e. Strategy to The Avengers, it's accurate – minus the spandex suits and special effects. After all, it was Alden's plan all along: to search far and wide for the best original thinkers in their respective fields, and then put them together to fight for clients big and small. Alden's adventure began with a doctoral degree from a joint program in neuropharmacology between Rutgers University Graduate School and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. While there, his thesis research established the first evidence for a direct interaction between androgenic and anabolic steroids and the Gamma Amino Butyric Acid receptor system in rat brain, establishing a potential link between the immediate effects of androgenic hormones and one of many neurotransmitter receptor systems in the central nervous system. He is a self-proclaimed data junkie.

He subsequently entered a postdoctoral research program in neuroendocrinology and reproductive physiology at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. Following his postdoctoral research appointment, Alden joined the communications industry, working in both medical advertising and medical communications. In October 2006, Alden established a joint venture with Founding Partner Donna J. Schroeder, PharmD, Percolation Communications LLC, focusing on the application of proven theories and processes to medical marketing strategy development. Since its original launch in 2006 Percolation Communications grew to offer a vast array of services that suggested the need to establish independent business units that could offer specialized services reflecting its' client-partner's needs and team members' individual talents. One of these businesses was i.e. Strategy.

In 2011 Alden and Donna launched i.e. Strategy LLC and Powered 4 Significance LLC, as well as the parent company Blue Ocean Pharma LLC with the objective of providing clients with a library of specialized services that address their needs across the product lifecycle, including clinical development, commercialization, and medical / marketing communication. Through the launch of Blue Ocean Pharma the collective business has established the ability to address a united goal of ensuring the success of its client-partners, while supporting optimal patient care.

As a Founding Partner in i.e. Strategy, Alden is the Doyen of Intellectual Elasticity® and his favorite saying is, “I am not in this business to make people comfortable, I am here to make them successful.” His primary goal is to ensure that strategic initiatives are not a reflection of what has been done in the past but a vision of how past successes can inform how things can be done better in the future. If you want a “yes man” then Alden is definitely not your guy but if you want a partner who will always be working with you towards that next market-moving idea then look no further.

Donna J. Schroeder, PharmD

Donna J. Schroeder, PharmD

Founding Partner

Had Tom Clancy chosen medical/marketing consulting over military commandos, Donna Schroeder would have been his Jack Ryan: multi-talented, highly decorated and the go-to consultant for particularly difficult or delicate assignments. Donna received her PharmD degree from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where she also completed 2 years of residency – one in hospital/clinical practice, and the second in healthcare administration. It was here that Donna set her sights on joining the faculty. After a national search, Donna was appointed as a member of the tenure-track faculty with both academic and clinical responsibilities. As Director of the Drug Information Analysis Service (DIAS), Donna simultaneously ran academic programs on two campuses, taught the drug information course for third- and fourth-year PharmD candidates, and served as “preceptress” of fourth-year students on the General Medicine and HIV wards. All this, while also serving as clinical pharmacist on the oncology ward.

Keeping pace with her distinguished faculty mentors, Donna left academia to join them at OnCare / Oncology Therapeutics Network, a physician practice management organization that provided clinical services for oncology practices. It wasn't long before Donna had found her new passion; developing a comprehensive set of evidence-based clinical guidelines for 90% of the tumor types treated in the community setting. Her team’s guidelines, both peer-reviewed by national experts and aligned with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, also served as a wake-up call. To Donna, the process it took to get there, from drug information and discovery to expert panel facilitation and consensus, plus everything in between, was fascinating. And would form the basis for her love of all-things medical in the pharmaceutical industry – and a new career path.

To that end, Donna moved quickly, first as Medical Director at Churchill Communications, followed in short order by promotion to Managing Director of all West Coast operations in Los Altos, CA. Once again, success followed, so in 2001 she set out on her own, founding Helix Medical Communications LLC. There, and with valuable contributions from her managing directors and senior management team, Donna grew Helix into a formidable international entity with four offices in the United States and Europe – and gross revenues of over $18M. At the same time, her reputation for strategic (yet fair-balanced) information presentation and dissemination was growing just as fast, helped by her lectures nationally and internationally.

Fast forward: October 2006. Donna Schroeder leaves Helix and the job she loved so much, to establish a joint venture with Founding Partner Alden E. Masonis, aptly named Percolation Communications LLC. The new company's dual mission: to focus on the application of proven theories and processes to medical marketing strategy development, while also rethinking much of the calculus behind success. As they grew, they forged two new paths by founding Powered 4 Significance LLC (with a passion for data) and i.e. Strategy (in other words, STRATEGY) All three of these affiliates are now under the umbrella of Blue Ocean Pharma LLC.

Today, for Blue Ocean clients, Donna Schroeder is the walking/talking definition of "value-add." Her clinical, strategic, and consulting background, plus her extraordinary business acumen, professional history, and pharma-related activities (especially in the oncology arena) make her an ally without equal. As Founding Partner of i.e. Strategy, Donna is the Doyen of Functional Integration. Give her a call to find out what that means…